Services at the Buckeye Clinic

  • Immediate health and wellness needs of the 10,000 people in Piol and the surrounding villages by providing staff salaries and medical equipment and supplies for a maternal and child health clinic.
  • Health education and promotion programs including hygiene, nutrition, and maternal and child health practices.
  • Vaccinations for children and pregnant women.
  • Training for traditional birthing aides.
  • Enable expectant mothers to deliver their babies under medical supervision.
  • A four-bed maternity ward for expectant mother experiencing unexpected problems prior to delivery.
  • Emergency Medical Transport to distant hospitals when needed.


With medicines funded by UNICEF and delivered by the government of South Sudan, the clinic staff treat patients for malaria, guiney worm, malnutrition, other ailments, and minor injuries.  The Emergency Medical Transport is used to transport women with problem pregnancies and children with malaria or needing nutritional care to the hospital.  Although the war continued since 2013, clinic staff continued to provide services in Piol and provided vaccinations and other services to internally displaced people in areas where they had fled.  Because people had not returned to the village in time to plant their crops, delivery of food became the priority.  Beginning in April 2014, food was distributed every other month from the Buckeye Clinic.  This enabled people to return to the village and re-inhabit their family compounds.  The commitment of food deliveries enabled people to stay in the village.