Mission Statement

Our Vision:

The Buckeye Clinic will improve the health of persons living in Piol, Twic East County, South Sudan, and surrounding villages with a primary focus on maternal and child health.

Our Mission:

The organization will build and equip a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) unit on the compound of the Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) in the home village of two Lost Boys of Sudan, Bol Aweng and Jok Dau.
The Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan will provide maternal and child healthcare and immediate medical services to Piol and surrounding villages of Pakeer Payam in Twic East County, South Sudan. The Clinic will serve a population of approximately 10,000 individuals.
We collaborate with the leadership and people living in Piol, the South Sudanese government and its regional governing authorities, and government-designated partners to advance maternal and child health and overall health to the citizens of the Piol community.
The organization will help support the Clinic, as funds are available, until such time as the region and the country are stable and the State Ministry of Health and the Twic East County Health Department have the capacity to manage the facility and health services.

Our Goals:

  • To construct and equip a facility with a four-bed maternity ward, an examination room, a laboratory, and refrigerated storage for vaccines and other perishable medications
  • To install solar panels to power lights and refrigeration
  • To construct a latrine for use by the staff and persons visiting the clinic
  • To provide potable water at the clinic
  • To build on-site housing for a nurse-midwife and a laboratory technician
  • To build a fence around the clinic compound to create a 2.5 acre safe zone for the clinic proper and clinic staff
  • To equip clinic staff to conduct prenatal check-ups and counseling; to assist with deliveries and postnatal care; to conduct basic laboratory testing; to administer inoculations and essential medications
  • To provide a means of Emergency Medical Transport for patients requiring more specialized medical care
  • To develop and supply materials for the clinic staff to educate women of childbearing age and the community about nutrition, everyday disease prevention, and family planning options
  • To enable clinic staff to provide outreach and health education and other assistance and services as may be required to ensure the general health and well-being of the citizens of the Piol region.

Our Expanded Commitment:

In response to critical food shortages brought on by the protracted civil war, the paramount Chief Aweng Deng requested food assistance for the village. The Buckeye Clinic Board and Steering Committee approved this request because food aid was essential for the survival of residents in Piol.

  • In 2014 we began distributing food to the village every two–three months. Food was purchased in Bor, the state capitol, and transported to the village. As of June 2016, we have successfully delivered more than 123,000 pounds of beans, rice, corn flour, sugar, salt, and cooking oil to a region unreached by the United Nations or other NGOs. Food is distributed at the clinic compound. Residents who had fled for safety began returning to Piol because of the availability of food, and the area is more secure. We will continue food deliveries as necessary while encouraging residents to resume farming with a goal of their being able to produce their own food as conditions in South Sudan improve.
  • Clinic staff and villagers have planted a garden and orchard in the fenced-in area at the clinic compound. Produce and fruit is shared with citizens most in need.