Health Facts on South Sudan

Children’s health issues:

  • South Sudanese Kids standing by riverSouth Sudan has one of the highest child mortality rate in the world.
  • One in five children do not live to age five.
  • 42% of children under five are moderately to severely underweight.
  • Only 17% of children under five are fully immunized.


Expectant Mother’s health issues:

  • Pregnant womanMaternal mortality rate: 2054/100,000 Live births (one of the highest in the world) as compared to 8 per 100,000 in the U.S.
  • For every 50 children born live, one mother dies in pregnancy.
  • Only 23% of expectant mothers receive antenatal care from a skilled health professional.
  • 14% deliver in a health institution
  • 10% are cared for by a skilled health professional
  • A 15 year old girl has a greater chance of dying in childbirth than finishing school.
  • Only 32% of mothers receive at least 2 doses of tetanus toxiod vaccine during pregnancy


Other health issues:

  • Less than 48% have improved drinking water
Water Retrieval
  • Only 6.4% of population uses sanitary means of excretion disposal
  • Annual incidence of TB is 325/100,000 (among the highest in the world)
  • Less than 25% have access to health care
  • Major diseases: Malaria, Diarrhea, Acute Respiratory Infections, Guinea worm disease (South Sudan has 80% of global case load), and Tuberculosis.


* Data from:  Ministry of Health, Government of Southern Sudan , Basic Package on Health and Nutrition Services for  Southern Sudan, January 2009, and:  Sudanese Household Survey 2006