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Summer Library Stories Posted Jul 18, 2019

Come join us to hear Bol speak at your local library! Find dates and details in the image below.

Summer News Update Posted Jul 09, 2019

This spring the Buckeye Clinic finished several building projects for the clinic staff. New staff housing was a prior since the staff agreed to let the clinic use their former rooms for overnight services for patients. A dining hall and […]

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More Growth and Summer Maintenance! Posted May 24, 2019

After Peter competed building the staff tukals, dining hall, and kitchen (see previous post), he built a two-stall shower, an additional cell phone charging station with 120 new electric connections, installed an incinerator for medical waste, and installed two patient […]

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New Buildings and Growing Clinic! Posted May 19, 2019

When Bol Aweng, Jok Dau and Steve Walker were in Pan Piol in February 2018, the staff of the Patiou PHCU told us that if we built staff tukals, they would give up the cement block staff house to be […]

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