Our Work

The Buckeye Satellite Clinic in Mongalla, South Sudan

Maternal and Child Healthcare

The Buckeye Clinic has stayed true to its original mission set over a decade ago, to provide maternal and child healthcare in South Sudan, a country that has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.

In the first eight months of operation, the Buckeye Satellite Clinic performed 28 successful deliveries of newborns! Considering fewer than 20% of births in South Sudan are attended by a skilled healthcare professional, this essential service is drawing expectant mothers from across the entire camp and even beyond. Our dedicated Maternity Ward is open 24/7 and filled with all the tools, medications, and supplies to facilitate sanitary, healthy births.

Acute Critical Care

The move from the Piol Village to the Mongalla IDP camp brought a much larger population of patients to serve and a wider range of diseases and injuries to treat. The proximity to the Bor-Juba Highway also resulted in an increase in patients brought in after motorcycle or automobile accidents.

Our general ward treats patients with all sorts of ailments. Severe malaria is particularly common. Additionally, we often treat Acute Respiratory Infections, Bloody or Watery Diarrhea, Pneumonia, Malnutrition, and many other common problems.

Like our Maternity Ward, our General Ward is the only healthcare service in the IDP camp open 24/7. Our solar-powered compound stays illuminated at night, allowing our staff to continue their work.

Meet Our Staff

Project Manager: Kon Abraham

Kon Abraham oversees the clinic’s operations on the ground, manages pharmaceutical procurement, and supervises all staff. He serves as well as our representative with the Ministries of Health and other national and international health care aid agencies in South Sudan. Like the Buckeye Clinic’s founders, Bol Aweng and Jok Dau, Kon was also a “Lost Boy,” and he spent much of his youth in flight and in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. Kon returned to Sudan as a young man determined to ease the suffering of his fellow citizens. He has degrees in Nursing and Human Resource & Management, and in 2008 he was selected by the African Medical Research and Education Foundation (AMREF) for a five-year program in Clinical Medicine & Surgery in Tanzania. Kon Abraham has pursued further education, earning a Masters in Public Health and a degree in Medical Education.

Kon’s new country of South Sudan was formed in 2011 while he was in Tanzania. He has worked for UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, AMREF, Save the Children, and other organizations providing health care in South Sudan. When Kon is not providing health care at the Buckeye Satellite Clinic, he lives with his wife and children in Bor, South Sudan’s third largest city.

Buckeye Clinic Staff:

Standing, (l–r):
Makuol Mayen (Groundsman), Gabriel Kuech Manyok (Guard), Alier Philip Yong (Vaccinator), David Ajuak (Dispenser), Kon Abraham (Project Manager), Deng Malueth Abraham (Clinical Officer)
Seated, (l–r):
Akech Mayen Majok (Cleaner), Rebecca Keth Atem (Midwife), Yar Awan Majak (EPI vaccinator), Ajah Arok Jot (Traditional Birth Attendant), Nyanluak Bior (Cook)
Not pictured:
Aguto Thuch Aweng (Finance Officer)

Medical Committee Chair: Dr. Dale Svendsen

Former Medical Director, Ohio Department of Mental Health (16 years)

Professor Emeritus-Psychiatry, The Ohio State University College of Medicine