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We have water!


Many of you know that the original Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan, located in Piol, the home of our founders Bol and Jok, was closed in 2020 because of catastrophic flooding. To meet the urgent needs of the Piol villagers displaced by this disaster, we opened the Buckeye Satellite Clinic in the Mangalla camp for internally displaced people, in September 2021.

The site the local leaders gave us for our tented clinic had — ironically — no water. Since our opening, we have been buying barrels of water both for drinking and for handwashing, cleaning, and laundry. It has been an expensive and laborious solution to an urgent need.


Late in 2022, we received a wonderful grant from Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. This grant paid for a borehole (well) to be installed for our clinic. What a game-changer for our staff and patients! Clean water is now easily pumped from the ground into buckets for use by our clinic staff, who are delivering babies, cleaning and stitching wounds, and serving patients with diarrhea and vomiting.

We are so grateful to our staff, who are providing life-saving health care every day, to each person who supports this work, and to Global Ministries for their confidence in our mission to care for internally displaced persons in the Mongalla camp. (Aguto, in the picture, helps our Project Manager, Kon Abraham, with a range of tasks.)


Borehole Aguto cropped

Your contributions are always welcome and will be put to work immediately to support our staff and work. You can make a secure donation online by PayPal, through the Methodist Church’s online giving portal, The Advance, or by sending a check to The Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan, P.O. Box 21794, Columbus, OH 43220.

With gratitude for your ongoing support of our life-saving mission,

Bol Aweng, President
on behalf of the entire board of the Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan


Supported by our donors and

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We invite you to share this newsletter and our website with friends and community members who may be interested in the Buckeye Clinic. Would your school group, church, or other organization be interested in learning more about our commitment to provide health care to the people of Bol and Jok’s home village—and our extended mission to treat all persons in the Mongalla IDP Camp? Our co-founder Bol Aweng speaks frequently to schools, churches and other groups, and his book and art tell the story of his journey. See:

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